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Homeowner Form

    Property to be Appraised:

    Unit/Apartment (If applicable):

    Applicant(s) Legal Name(s):

    Contact Address:

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    1. That you are at least 18 years old and are a registered mortgage agent/broker or licensed lender.

    2. That the purpose of the appraisal request is for the sole purpose entered above.

    3. That you are explicitly authorized by the applicant(s) entered above to order an appraisal on their behalf.

    4. That the applicant name(s) and contact information entered above is accurate and up to date.

    5. That the purpose and scope of the appraisal inspection is to investigate and determine the market value of the subject property

      1. We will not be responsible to qualify the applicant(s), investigate and/or interrogate the occupant(s), and/or warrant the validity/status of anyone involved in this transaction. Our responsibilities are limited to reporting on the real property only.

      2. That even after acceptance and/or property inspection, we reserve the right to cancel any order.

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